Why Treasured Lotus Creations?

I named my company Treasured Lotus Creations, LLC, because I wanted the name to define who I am and what I am doing. To understand the name, you have to know a little more about me.

My name is Nicki, but that was not the name that I was given at birth. I was born in South Korea and was adopted at three months old. When I was born, I was named 보련 which translates to "Treasure Lotus". I learned about this name when I was a child, and developed a fascination with lotus flowers.

While attending college, I began a birth family search. During the birth family search, I discovered that I am an identical twin who was separated at birth. I have been fortunate enough to not only find my birth family, but also keep in regular touch with them, and my twin sister.

I knew instantly that I wanted my company's name to be Treasured Lotus Creations because I create every product by hand, and put TLC (tender, love, and care) into everything made.


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