Please allow me the opportunity to transform a cherished shirt that is tucked away and make it into a beautiful memory pillow.   This particular item will be made to the size of 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 (as long as the shirt is big enough).  Please contact me if you would like to have a custom made size.  I have made pillows as large as 23 inches wide!


Once you have purchased the pillow, I will contact you via email with my address to send the shirt.  Please note that I am unable to cover the shipping of the shirt to me.  I will then contact you when I have received the shirt in the mail, and I will provide you an update to when the Memory Pillow will be completed.  Please allow for up to a week for completion.  (Some Etsy sellers require up to a month to complete.)


Memory Pillow

  • Pillow Cover: This option means that you will only receive back the shirt in the 16 x 16 inch size pillow cover.  It will be your responsibility to purchase the interior pillow form.

    Pillow: This option means that you will receive back the shirt, and the interior pillow. 

  • The shirts that can be turned into Memory Pillows must have buttons going down the shirt.  Therefore, Flannel or Hawaiian shirts work best.

    What if the shirt doesn't have buttons?

    Don't worry, I can still work with you on the shirt to make the pillow.  Please select the "Pillow" option.  You will receive the Memory Pillow to have the pillow stuffing inside.  However, since there are no buttons, you will not be able to launder just the pillow cover.