This Toddler Christmas Tree Pillow is approximately 22 inches tall, and 18 inches wide.  Each pillow is made from felt, and comes with 12 felt ornaments.


Two options to choose from:

  1. Velcro option:  Place the 12 diffrerent ornaments in specified locations where velcro is located.  The felt ornaments will then stay in place.
  2. No velcro option:  Place the 12 different felt ornaments anywhere on the felt christmas tree.  The ornaments can stick to the pillow, however, sometimes the ornaments may move, or fall off the pillow.


All of the stars included are yellow.  The other ornaments have various colors and shapes.  


Always suppervise your child when playing with the Christmas Tree Pillow.


When shipping, the pillow may become wrinkled, but you can fluff the pillow after it is out of the box.

Toddler Christmas Tree Pillow