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T-shirt Quilts or T-Shirt Blankets

These custom-made t-shirt quilts all hold a unique story and contain treasured memories. Check out some previously made orders above.

There is no one price fits all for a t-shirt quilt.  Each have different design elements, and sizes.  Please contact me today if you are interested in a custom made quilt.  Orders will usually take approximately a week to two weeks to fulfill depending upon how many t-shirt quilt orders there are. (A lot of Etsy quilts take up to a month to be completed before shipping).

Each quilt top will be made using your t-shirts, and designed with your assistance.  The middle layer is a low loft, 100% natural cotton, and the backing can either be quilt quality cotton, or minky-dot fabric.  The three layers will then be quilted (sewn) together. Finally, it is finished by adding a cotton binding to the edges.  I will be working with you in the process to decide the colors you would like to use.

Currently, I can produce baby quilts (approx. 30 x 40), lap quilts (approx. 42 x 50) and throw quilts (approx. 60 x 60).  Depending on the complexity and size of the quilt, it can take anywhere between 25 to over 40 hours to make.  Please keep this in mind when you are provided with a price quote.  

If you prefer a more affordable option, I can produce T-shirt blankets, in which your t-shirts will be designed with your assistance, sewn together, but it will not contain a middle layer, or the quilted process (sewing the lines in the middle).  Instead, the t-shirt top, will then be paired with a quilt quality cotton, or minky-dot fabric. 

Interested in a T-shirt Quilt or T-shirt Blanket?